Get Busy If You Want to Keep Your Fingers

There’s nothing so effective as nearly losing my fingers to inspire a new pair of mittens.

The temperatures have plummeted. Fortunately, the warmest mittens I have ever made are almost ready to be broken in!

I’m making these thrummed mittens from this pattern, with only a couple changes:

I’m offsetting the thrums – like a polka dot pattern, rather than putting them in straight lines

And I’m not using the proper yarn for the thrums. Using roving yarn makes it possible to insert the thrums as loops, and the ends will felt themselves together inside the mitten. I was using leftovers of this yarn, which is synthetic. I didn’t know how well the thrums would hold, so I knotted all the loops before I put them in.

The result is perhaps the fluffiest thing I have ever put around my freezing fingers.

Here is the finished mitten, turned inside out. Behold the fluff.

Thanks to these insulating wonders, I should still have functioning fingers come spring!


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