The Egg Came First

At least, it did today!

Eggs have become my go-to breakfast lately. A dependable source of protein when I know lunch is far away.

If you’re going to have the same thing for breakfast over and over, eggs are a great choice. There are more ways to cook an egg than days in the week!

Up until a few years ago, I almost only ate eggs scrambled. If you’re stuck in a similar rut, it’s time to explore the world beyond! Here are some of your possibilities:


I found it entertaining to peel the shells of hard-boiled eggs long before I learned to eat them. Now, they have extra charm as a memory of breakfasts in Germany. (Lesson: If you want to learn to like a food, form an attachment with it and your taste buds will follow!)

Here’s how to make them. (You can even try the microwave!)

If hard-boiled eggs have grown boring, try this or this to make them something special! (Or this, for the particularly adventurous, bored, or inspired!)

If the eggs aren’t for breakfast, they can also become deviled eggs, salad toppings, and a multitude of other options!


This may be the simplest way to cook eggs. You just crack them onto a hot surface and eat them when they set up! Here’s a more detailed explanation.


I always thought this method sounded a bit shady because of its name. As it turns out, it’s not only legal, but a great way to start the morning! Here’s how. (And in the microwave…)


As best I can remember, scrambled eggs was the first dish I learned to make on the stove. Cooking them properly requires low heat and patience, but you can fake it in the microwave.

Some people are obsessive about the purity of their scrambled eggs, while others like to throw in meat, cheese, veggies, spices, and other ingredients. Really, this is just another chance to enjoy some incredible variety – see what you like best! I like adding cottage cheese or plain yogurt and whatever vegetables I can find. Spices also add a lot, and if testing your own combinations is intimidating, you can try a blend like Mrs. Dash.


This is one of the most-requested breakfasts when I visit home. Here’s how I do it:

Beat a couple eggs in a bowl (along with milk, spices, or whatever else you like in the egg part)

Turn a burner to medium-low and heat a small non-stick skillet on it. When a drop of water sizzles on the surface, spray the pan lightly with oil and pour the eggs in. Swirl them slightly so they leave a higher edge on the side of the skillet (this makes the omelette easier to fold later)

Let the eggs cook. Swirl again before they’re completely set up to make that edge a bit thicker. Get your toppings ready while you wait – meat, cheese, veggies, whatever!

When the eggs are mostly solidified (the white bits are no longer clear, and there’s hardly any liquid on top to swirl around), add toppings to one side.

Lift the other side of the omelette gently with a small spatula and fold it over. Let the omelette sit there just a bit longer, then slide it right out of the skillet onto your plate! You can gaze on its beauty, take pictures, feel accomplished… but don’t let it get cold!

Note: When I’m at school, I make these on a flat grill. My best results have come from adding cheese or cottage cheese to thicken the eggs so they don’t spread too much.

QUICHE (if you can call it that)

One of my favorite ways to add vegetables to my eggs is to make a sort of microwave quiche.

I mix up the eggs like I would for scrambling them or making an omelette, then pour them into a bowl with broccoli, onions, mushrooms… whatever I can find.

Microwave with a plate on top for around 4 minutes, and there you go!

There are so many possibilities beyond these! Fried rice, breakfast pizza, sandwiches, burritos

Gourmet chefs, little kids, and everyone in between – they’re all making eggs! There’s sure to be a way you haven’t tried yet…Take a look at this and this!

Clearly, these are nowhere near all the ways to cook an egg, but I’m getting too excited to continue. (And if by some miracle you’ve tried all these ideas, I challenge you to find a way you haven’t.) Now I’m off to find some eggs and make breakfast!

One thought on “The Egg Came First

  1. Aha – but have you ever tried BLUE eggs? I too adore all things eggs and have done some recent research on the blue variety. If you visit, you can search for blue eggs – haven’t got an all-inclusive clickable menu list yet :)

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