And Jenny’s Head Fell Off

That was the best line from a scary story my elementary school teachers used to read out loud. You can hear it for yourself here!

If you weren’t fortunate enough to have this book as part of your childhood, and don’t care to experience it now, here’s the gist of it: A girl named Jenny always wears a ribbon around her neck, and she won’t tell her friend (later her husband) the reason why. At the end of her life, Jenny tells him he can untie it. And…

Yep. It was holding her head on.

If you happen to have a detached head, this project won’t do you much good. But if you have a firmly connected cranium—and I hope you do—you can rest easy, because it won’t strangle you either! And it will do you plenty of good as a stylish accessory that keeps your nice, normal neck warm.

Braided Branches Cowl

This is the project whose leftovers became my turban headband.

I used this yarn and size 13 needles (plus a double-pointed or cable needle)

The pattern came from this book (it’s featured on the cover), which I borrowed from the library. Basically, it’s a braided cable with a garter stitch border.

I knit the scarf according to the pattern, minus the top and bottom edges. One thing to remember—it’s still a good idea to start with fewer stitches. That way, the ends will be the same width as the rest of the scarf.

Once I reached my preferred length, I bound off and sewed the ends together. Note: I didn’t sew the scarf in one straight loop. I wanted to wear it doubled, and I thought twisting it would make it too bulky in the back. So I looped it in a circle twice, the way I intended to wear it, and sewed the ends together that way (if you undo the loop, the scarf is twisted).

I love the weight of this warm, wooly thing on my shoulders—and also the sheep-y color. The thick cable is a great design, and I’d recommend it for a scarf as well.

But if you need something to hold your head on… why are you still reading?! You need to get that checked out!


2 thoughts on “And Jenny’s Head Fell Off

  1. I’m so glad – and thanks for telling me! I’ll try to have something worthwhile when you come back! :o)

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