Cover up that Ugly Mug

Spring is flirting with us.

Leading us on with a taste of higher temperatures. Teasing us with warm breezes and sunshine, then taking them away again.

Mug Sweater

It’s still my favorite season.

I’m ready to put away my coats and scarves  – mentally, I already have.

But I won’t be putting away the tea-drinking habit I’ve settled into!

I’m afraid that means I will probably have a burnt tongue year-round now.

But I do have a way to drink my tea without melting the flesh off my fingers!

(And one that doesn’t involve a straw)

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Tex-Mexisian Taquitos

I’m going to call these… Wontitos. They are delicious.


Even the most ridiculous stretch of definition can’t fit this creation into any ethnic food category. Really, “Wontitos” is just an attempt to find something better than “southwestern-flavored bits of stuff in wonton wrappers.”

I like it. Plus, this recipe is perfect for kids, so it deserves a kid-friendly name!

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Taking the Flat out of Pancake

These wonderful little things are ebleskivers (say it ableskeevers). They are a Danish tradition, and the best way I can describe them is pancakes minus the flat. Other cooks define them as a cross between pancakes and popovers, or doughnuts minus the fat.

This is my gift to you this week — 3-D pancakes! They’re fun to make, and just saying their awesome name can keep you occupied for at least a day. But please, read on.

According to legend, ebleskivers were invented by some hungry Vikings who decided to make pancakes in their dented shields after a battle. (See, it gets better and better!)

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