Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Mocha Bean Brownies

It’s rare to find a recipe that successfully combines beans,  bananas, and oatmeal.

(I use the term “successful” to mean edible, appetizing, and delicious.)

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It’s Alive!

I have a long history with congealing liquids.

Milk in jar

I made friends with Jell-O about the time I started speaking in complete sentences.

My family ate it almost every night, because I always wanted to help in the kitchen, and Jell-O was within my abilities.

No knives, no flames. I’d just sit on the counter, happily stirring away.

Making Jell-O

It affected me pretty deeply.

You can tell because, years later, I get a thrill out of something that requires basically the same skills: making yogurt.

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By Popular Demand

I’m big on variety. The spice of life.

So why another mug sweater pattern?

Mug Sweater

Well, once I got started, the requests kept coming.

And of course, I had to make them all different.

Tangled Cables Mug Sweater

And it seems that the high demand goes beyond my family and friends.

Months later, my trio of mug sweater designs is still the most popular thing on Spicy Life.

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Summer Jam Session

This jam is sacred.

My family can demolish a batch in no time, but they still set it apart.

In other words, find something else for your PBJ.

Strawberry Jam

Homemade jam is an easy way to make good use of an abundance of summer fruit — and please your family.

Really easy. If you don’t think you have time—or the necessary skills—to make a batch of jam, you’re wrong.

Do you have the strength to squish a strawberry? Do you have time to open your freezer and put a container inside? You got this.

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