Simply Smashing

Jack-o-lanterns taught me to be cynical.


They also taught me to be creative—or maybe that was my dad.

He has a talent for carving goofy faces (especially eyeballs). Plus, he was always man enough to take care of the smelly goop.

Pumpkin Goop

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Floppy Discs

Record Flowerpot

Older folks love to make cracks about how people my age don’t know what records are.

They pretend to be self-deprecating, making fun of their own age. But really, I think they’re enjoying an exclusive moment of nostalgia. Maybe they’re even a little smug about belonging to the special club of people who remember the good old days.

Well, it happens that I have heard of records. In fact, I grew up listening to them. So I can be nostalgic too.

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The Golden Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Why don’t kids like vegetables?

They are so cool. They come in bright colors and  amazing shapes.

Okay, some of them are a big frightening, but if you think kids are scared of gross-looking food, you haven’t eaten with any second-grade boys lately (this is much more impressive than, say, mashed potatoes with ketchup and chocolate milk).

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