Floppy Discs

Record Flowerpot

Older folks love to make cracks about how people my age don’t know what records are.

They pretend to be self-deprecating, making fun of their own age. But really, I think they’re enjoying an exclusive moment of nostalgia. Maybe they’re even a little smug about belonging to the special club of people who remember the good old days.

Well, it happens that I have heard of records. In fact, I grew up listening to them. So I can be nostalgic too.

Record Flowerpot

The truth is, I hear LPs and 45s playing in the basement almost every time I’m home. My mom’s record player hasn’t bit the dust yet, and my sister uses it all the time. She loves to pick up other people’s stashes of old records at garage sales—and she lets me get creative with her rejects.

How to Make a Record Flowerpot

Preheat your oven to 200°F (94°C) and gather pots, bowls, and glasses of different sizes.

To mold the container, choose a large bowl and a glass as wide as the label (think about the size you want the finished bowl to be).

Put the record in the oven on a cookie sheet until it is flexible.

Then, working quickly, place the floppy record on top of the bowl. Center the glass over the label and press down.

Record Flowerpot

Before the record cools, bend the edges into your desired shape. It hardens quickly, so you only have to hold the new curves for a moment. Leave the record in the bowl until it’s completely cool.

Record FlowerpotIf you’re not satisfied with the shape, put the record back in the oven. After it flattens out, you can try again.

Record Flowerpot

For the flowerpot’s saucer, choose two more large bowls—one slightly wider than the other (I used a mixing bowl and a tube pan).

Center the warm record on the smaller bowl. Then use the larger one to push the edges down.

Flowerpot Saucer

To use the saucer, you need to block its center hole. The easiest way to do this is with hot glue.

Record Flowerpot Saucer

Place a sheet of paper or plastic under the record. Then squeeze hot glue into the hole (a little more than you need to fill it). Flatten the glue over the surface with another scrap. After the glue has cooled, peel these away.

Sealing Saucer

Then fill the container with dirt and grow something nice in it!

I planted an African violet in mine. It’s perfect—the leaves can’t get wet, and this saucer is great for watering from the bottom.

Record Flowerpot

So before you chuck any old LPs, think about rescuing them for new lives as flowerpots. Or clocks, or bookends, or notebooks… or squirrel necklaces.

And of course, if you don’t care to try, I’d be happy to take them off your hands.

Record Flowerpot


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