Bored Squiggly

Boredom is bad for you.

Warnings against the dangers of idleness have circulated for centuries, and people resort to all kinds of pointless activities (or worse) when they’re bored to tears.

Doodling, on the other hand, has been officially sanctioned and hailed for its many psychological benefits.

This tactic has saved my under-stimulated brain from destruction more than once. And these shoes elevate doodles from a last-ditch defense against boredom to a wearable art form.


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Zip it.

It’s amazing how a piece of fabric that lives in my pocket can get so filthy.

Dirty Wallet

I made this wallet in August based on Thimbleanna‘s purse thingy tutorial, and it served me well.


But after a semester of wear and tear, it was looking… well… worn and torn.
So I made a new one.


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Floppy Discs

Record Flowerpot

Older folks love to make cracks about how people my age don’t know what records are.

They pretend to be self-deprecating, making fun of their own age. But really, I think they’re enjoying an exclusive moment of nostalgia. Maybe they’re even a little smug about belonging to the special club of people who remember the good old days.

Well, it happens that I have heard of records. In fact, I grew up listening to them. So I can be nostalgic too.

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Get Your Christmas Lights Ready for Spring

Flower Lights

A strand of colored lights adds something magical to frozen gutters and chilly dorms before Christmas.

But a few months later, spring fever takes hold, and Christmas lights are out of place. They belong to the season we’re so glad is ending!

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