Knitting for Goldilocks

“I’m not cold!” my sister insisted. Her lips were blue, but she refused to put on her coat.

We relived this scene almost every winter morning at the bus stop.

These days, this girl takes cold weather a bit more seriously.


You can tell because she has slept in a teepee, trained for a marathon and showshoed up a mountain in freezing temperatures — and she’s still alive.

So when I set out to design a knitted cowl for another brave, marathon-running lady, my sister was the obvious person to advise me. Here is her standard:

“A running cowl… must be tight enough to stay in place but breathable material so as not to make a face sauna.”

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Spring Fever

I have cold feet today.

It’s my fault, since I’m running around barefoot—but I can’t bear to put socks on. A few days of sunshine, a little birdsong, and talk of planting a garden have swept me into springtime.

Just in time for a March blizzard, of course.


But that’s okay—spring fever is keeping me warm.

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Zip it.

It’s amazing how a piece of fabric that lives in my pocket can get so filthy.

Dirty Wallet

I made this wallet in August based on Thimbleanna‘s purse thingy tutorial, and it served me well.


But after a semester of wear and tear, it was looking… well… worn and torn.
So I made a new one.


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Twin Leaf Hooded Scarf

I’d like to introduce knitting feat number three – a hooded scarf I deem worthy of gracing this adorable head.

Twin Leaf Hooded Scarf

I’ve already explained the glorious potential of hooded scarves in my last post – as well as the many pitfalls (exhibit a).

It follows that when I found a design that actually worked, I didn’t just hang on to it. I had to explore its possibilities.

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The Mother of All Mug Sweaters

Tangled Cables Mug Sweater

Of all the mug sweaters I’ve made, this one was designed with the most love. It’s for my mother.

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My Cup of Tea

Basketweave Mug Sweater

Someday I will make a real sweater.

Someday, when I find not only time, but also the perfect design. Something wonderfully classy that won’t go out of style before I finish knitting it. And something I will actually wear – and I mean a lot, if I’m going to spend that much time making it.

It’s a bucket list kind of thing.

In the meantime, I’m making sure the people I love stay warm.

Their heads, hands, ears, feet… and also their insides.

Hence, the mug sweater. It keeps the scalding heat in the drink and out of the fingers – and it lets me get creative!

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