Stone Soup

I am always in the mood for soup—especially in winter, when I’m desperate to warm myself up from the inside out.


In the dining hall, I always make a beeline for the soup zone, and at home, you can catch me finishing leftover chili for breakfast.

Speaking of leftovers—this is a great way to use them. Soup is the contortionist of the kitchen—you can twist it into whatever shape you like best.

Or, if you’re a stranger in a stingy town, you can use a rock, plus whatever your gullible benefactors have on hand.

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Learn to Burn

In cooking, “burnt” is usually an undesirable flavor.

Of course, fire is sometimes used for dramatic effect. And some people say they prefer their hot dogs or marshmallows this way, but I think that’s generally an indicator that they lack a) practice or b) patience.

Burnt sugar, on the other hand, requires a bit of skill. You don’t actually want to burn it—just caramelize it. Most Americans are only familiar with this flavor in old-fashioned burnt sugar cake.

I’d pass on that dessert, but  this dish, which also features burnt sugar, is one of my favorites.


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Improv Trifle

In January, I borrowed my first e-book from the library. Crazy.

I’d read about this kind of innovation while researching tablets for an electronic media class, but since I don’t own an e-reader, I didn’t anticipate trying it out.

I love libraries, and any option that enables them to offer more resources is worth pursuing. Still, I prefer to read ink on paper. While it was intriguing, clicking to check out didn’t give me much of a thrill.

The book‘s contents were much more exciting—truly top-notch writing about food. I particularly loved this article by Daniel Duane.
And it ties in so nicely with this post.

Apple Plum Trifle

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Manna Muesli

Spiced Chewy Granola

What do you get when you cross muesli with granola?

Spiced Chewy Granola

The two are so similar, it’s hard to imagine a hybrid.

But if you love both, it’s nice to mix things up with a third version.

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Mocha Bean Brownies

It’s rare to find a recipe that successfully combines beans,  bananas, and oatmeal.

(I use the term “successful” to mean edible, appetizing, and delicious.)

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By Guess and By Golly

Stuffed Pepper

For everything there is a season, said the wisest man ever.

Italian Stuffed Pepper

July is the season of garden goodness, and I am loving it!

Mexican Stuffed Pepper

Of course, there is no bad season for stuffed peppers.

Except maybe the season of dental surgery.

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A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Coconut Custard

There is power in coconut.

There’s nutritional value too, but I’m talking about the power coconut gives you over other people.

It’s a polarizing fruit, you see. People either love it or hate it, so it’s easy to use as a bribe or a threat.

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